Who we are
NURAVAX is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in immunotherapy for neurodegenerative disorders.
We have chosen to begin with Alzheimer’s disease as the primary target, because Alzheimer’s is a large, worldwide problem not only in its prevalence in the population but its tremendous strain on the caregivers and families of the patients.

Our innovative technology circumvents hurdles and shows extremely promising results, especially in the difficult-to-treat elderly population.
Our vaccine platform is based on results generated by the Institute for Molecular Medicine and collaborators from various universities and the NIH over the last 18+ years
Why we took Alzheimer's disease as a primary focus
In the United States alone, Alzheimer’s prevalence is estimated to affect 6 million people, with the rate increasing to 19% in the 75–84 age group and 42% in people over 84 years of age.
Currently, there is no drug or vaccine that has shown substantial results in the fight against Alzheimer’s.
Nobody really knows the reasons, but extensive studies have demonstrated that beta-amyloid and tau always play a negative role in AD development.
The disease starts developing when people are 40-50 years old with no obvious signs.
Immunotherapy offers a promising approach to treat Alzheimer’s
Vaccines are necessary to induce antibodies to mount a defense against beta-amyloid and tau:
Antibodies reduce pathology associated with beta-amyloid and tau through phagocytosis by microglial cells (immune cells in the brain).
Forming antigen-antibody complexes in the brain prevents further aggregation/seeding of pathological molecules across the blood-brain barrier; pathological beta-amyloid and tau are unable to bind with each other and form oligomers, plaques and tangles.
The pathological beta-amyloid and tau molecules are transferred from the brain to the peripheral circulation where they are eliminated by the immune system.
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