• James Callaway
    Ph.D., Head of Development
    • Former Senior Executive for AD Immunotherapy Program at Elan (AN-1792).
    • Early-stage clinical trials of BioTherapeutics
    • Secured U.S. and E.U. drug approvals
    • Former President and CEO of Cebix, Inc. and ArmaGen, Inc.
  • Lon S. Schneider
    MD, Medical Director
    • Director, State of CA USC Alzheimer's Disease Center
    • Director, Clinical Core of NIA Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
    • Principal Investigator of CATIE program, a multi-center effectiveness trial of atypical antipsychotics in Alzheimer's disease
  • Michael Agadjanyan
    Ph.D., Sc.D., President
    • Head of the Immunology Dept, Institute for Molecular Medicine, CA
    • 20+ years experience in CNS and 47 years in immunology
    • Serial Entrepreneur: cancer treatment technology, vaccine company, cannabis testing laboratory
  • Roman Kniazev
    Kauffman Fellow, CEO
    • Former Investment Director of a European VC fund with over USD 5 billion in pharmaceuticals
    • Serial entrepreneur in healthcare, notably in plasma fractionation technology and anti-allergy nasal spray development
  • David H. Cribbs
    Ph.D, Scientific Director
    • Professor in Residence, Neurology School of Medicine and Member of MiND Institute at University of California, Irvine
    • Reseach Focus: Age-related factors responsible for the initiation and the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, antibody-mediated clearance of Aß.
  • Anahit Ghochikyan
    PhD, Chief Scientific Officer
    • Institute for Molecular Medicine, CA; University of Nantes, France; Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
    • 18 years experience in CNS and 30 years in molecular biology and immunology
    • Interests: Immunotherapy of neurodegenerative disorders, antibody-mediated clearance of Aß, tau, α-synuclein, etc
  • Guriq Basi
    Ph.D, Director of Regulatory Compliance
    • Former CSO of Elan Pharmaceuticals (antibody humanization, protein engineering, and protein expression; antibody drugs in CNS indications, review and approval of IND sections)
    • Former SVP of Adverum BioTechnology (gene therapy of ocular indications & rare disease)
  • Dr. Alexey Dang
    • Former CEO of Cancer Compass (currently is a part of Cancer Treatment Centers of America)
    • Former McKinsey Partner (Silicon Valley office) and Amazon/AWS executive
    • Launched 15+ corporate ventures. Stanford Alumni and a Startup mentor